Better World Travel makes it easy for travellers to travel in a way that is responsible and ethical, and makes the world a better place. Better World Travel is a social purpose enterprise.

Better World Travel was founded by Cassandra Newbold, an experienced travel professional with a passion for life, travel, charity and fundraising. Read more about Cassandra’s journey.

Our mission is to make the world a better place, through travel. We want to see greater equality among the citizens of the globe, where all basic needs are met for every man, woman and child. We want to protect other species, and the environment.


  • We research and offer advice on responsible, ethical and sustainable travel options that enhance the lives of those who live in your destination, and protect the environment and other species.
  • We suggest travel opportunities for you that include a charity fundraising element or charity visit.
  • We actively fundraise for projects in countries overseas that make the world a better place.


We believe everyone can be a Better World Traveller and make the world a better place, through travel.

Here’s how:

  1. Travel consciously – offset your flights, travel via train or local transport, hike, bike or kayak, stay at environmentally sound and/or locally owned accommodations, include some experiences in your holiday that are of direct benefit to the local community, learn from locals, collect donations to give to a local charity. We make it easy for you, by doing the research and making suggestions. Please ask us how, for your trip.
  2. Be a group leader or group member on a fundraising group tour. We can suggest how you can get an opportunity to travel for free as a group leader.

  3. Ask us how you can be involved in our fundraising efforts.


Join the mission – to make the world a better place, through travel.

Become a Better World Traveller.

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