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Cassandra at Ta Prohm temple, Cambodia

In my day-to-day life, I am constantly heartened by initiatives that support communities, the environment, animal rights and the disadvantaged, and I began to wonder what I could do to contribute in the same way, through my own life and work.

Using the wealth of knowledge I have built up in over 8 years as a Travel Agent, and from my own overseas adventures travelling to 29 countries and living in 5 of them, I formed Better World Travel.

I wanted to provide travelers with an inspiration source and booking channel of ethical, sustainable, enriching, educational, authentic and AMAZING travel experiences.

Travel that makes the world a better place.

What triggered me?


Babushka on a Moscow street

In 2009-2010, I lived and worked in Moscow, Russia, where I went to teach English to Russian children at an exclusive private nursery school. While I loved Russia for its variety, rich history and complex story, the disparity between rich and poor was overwhelmingly obvious. In Moscow, I was a fortunate member of a privileged set of expats, earning a substantial wage and living well. However, I was confronted daily by the image of ‘babushkas’ begging on the streets of Moscow. The plight of these living testaments to Russia’s war history and communist past stayed with me long after I returned to Australia. To me, this situation was heartbreaking, and downright unacceptable. I would say I have always cared about the world, like all of us, but my time in Moscow triggered something else in me; a deep concern for all people in the world, regardless of where they were born, raised, or resided. A need to understand problems at a deeper level and a desire towards real action had blossomed in me. I needed to somehow become a catalyst for positive change.

Nowadays, living in vibrant Footscray in Melbourne’s west, I am surrounded by the fantastic sights and sounds of those who have come from far away, and made a better life for themselves in Australia, the lucky country. Their cultures enrich my own experience of home, and I feel like I have that overseas feeling, right here in my own neighbourhood.

Through my work operating Better World Travel, I now have an outlet for making the world a better place, from home. I am actively designing and offering experiences worldwide that keep responsible travel in mind and sending travelers overseas to manifest them. I am supporting School of Joy in Cambodia, through my personal fundraising initiatives and by developing a volunteering program for visitors. I am supporting charity by giving a donation for every eligible booking made. All these things are congruent with the person I want to be, but it will not be a success unless you help me. I ask you to become a Better World Traveler and to use my services. To travel in a way that helps you to understand the world at a deeper level, to meet its many and varied people, to learn from them, and to give back. And to have fun doing it!

All aboard the Trans-Mongolian

What change do I want to see?

So here is my declaration, which also forms the basis of Better World Travel’s mission.
I want to see more people travelling authentically, not just as tourists.
I want to help support charities and organisations that are working to improve the lives of people and communities, wildlife and the environment.
I want to see a greater level of understanding of different cultures; a highlight on the similarities we have as human beings, and less of a focus on differences.

So what exactly can I offer YOU?

Working together with the best suppliers in the industry, I will research and design a trip that is designed to give you a travel experience which is fun and enriching, within the budget you set.  Responsible tourism is always kept in mind and I will make suggestions that adhere to this. But don’t worry, you won’t necessarily have to compromise comfort or luxury, if you don’t wish to. The final decision about your arrangements is up to you – it’s your holiday! I can arrange any combination of flights, accommodation, sightseeing, transfers, rail tickets, car hire and other transportation, and that travel essential – travel insurance. And I offer very competitive rates. If you are a bargain hunter, feel free to send me the details of any deal you have found that you are happy with, and I will do my utmost to match it.


Happiness is – the start of a trip in Cambodia

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch!
Let’s plan something AMAZING!
Cassandra x
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