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New Fundraiser! Save a Life – Cambodia

Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee – Beware

Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee

If you are visiting Indonesia, please be aware that the delicacy known as kopi luwak (civet coffee) is now a thriving industry that sources coffee beans unethically from wild animals called civets or luwaks.

You can read more about this here:

The ethics of Elephant tourism


While washing elephants and riding elephants may seem like a feelgood travel experience, there is reason to believe that it doesn’t support responsible tourism at all. A complex issue. Read more at this link, published by Intrepid Travel, who have really done their research.

When Cassandra from Better World Travel met this bull elephant in Thailand, she had no idea there was anything wrong with it being restrained
When Cassandra from Better World Travel met this bull elephant in Thailand, she had no idea there was anything wrong with it being restrained


Big Cats in Africa – what you may not know, but you must

Big Cats in Africa

Feeding, playing with and cuddling lion cubs seems like an experience of a life-time for any cat lover Unfortunately, there is a very dark-side to this experience. There is very good reason to avoid it — choosing instead to observe these wild animals from a distance.

Please read the following information supplied by For The Love of Wildlife (

Lion Breeding and “Canned” Hunting in Africa

“South Africa is the home of predator breeding and “canned” hunting, two inter-related practices that use and abuse lions (as well as other predators) in the most horrific forms of commercial exploitation. “lion-in-captivity

“Today, between 7,000 and 8,000 predators (most of them lions) are being kept in cages or small enclosures in around 150 private farms across the country.”

What is “Canned” Hunting
Canned hunting is where the target animal is unfairly prevented from escaping the hunter, either by physical constraints (fencing) or by mental constraints (tame, habituated to humans).

Source: For the Love of Wildlife

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Statement of Intent signed: Protection of Animals in Tourism

Yesterday, Better World Travel signed and committed to this statement of intent, provided by World Animal Protection organisation, in regards to protecting wild animals in tourism…

This is also forms part of our mission statement to YOU, the Better World Traveller.

As a responsible travel business with strong commitments on sustainability, we care not only for the welfare of people, but also for the welfare of animals.
Sadly, many tourists who love animals are not aware of the hidden cruelties and unknowingly contribute to animal suffering, as they participate in wild animal entertainment such as elephant rides and shows, handling and taking photos with lions and tigers, or swimming with dolphins.
Therefore, as a first step, we have pledged to protect elephants by not selling, offering or promoting venues or activities where elephant rides and shows are made available. Now we will continue the journey by taking steps to end the exploitation and suffering of all wild animals in our business and instead provide responsible, animal-friendly alternatives to our customers.
Better World Travel will therefore:
– INVESTIGATE our product offering to assess how our business is directly or indirectly linked to the use of wild animals in entertainment
– CONTINUE to take steps to protect wild animals used in tourism, including phasing out the sale, offer or promotion of venues where entertainment using wild animals take place, from our business
– ADOPT an animal welfare policy for our business
– PROMOTE responsible tourism among our customers to enable them to be animal-friendly travellers, for example by viewing wild animals responsibly, in their natural habitats.

Fundraising – Building a School at Angkor Krout Village (Cambodia)

Again, Better World Travel is reaching out to kind-hearted individuals or companies who are willing and able to make a contribution for the build of a new, wooden, school at Angkor Krout Village in Cambodia.

We only have TWO weeks to fundraise $AUD 1,390 ( Approx. €890 / £680 / $US960 )

Just outside Siem Reap is a village that supports Cambodians affected by poverty / HIV/AIDS, landmine injuries and disabilities. The 96 children are now being taught in a space underneath a house (see below).


We urgently need to provide a dedicated building where they can be educated in a safe and permanent environment.

The sooner we complete this fundraiser, the sooner these kids will have their school.

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Going Vego in Cambodia

The Vegetarian,the vegetarian
Phnom Penh

No.158, Street 19 off Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh

Close to the Royal Palace and the river, this vegetarian restaurant is perfectly located, offering a very wide and varied menu of vegetarian soups, salads, small dishes, main dishes and dessert, as well as freshly squeezed juices and other drinks. We branded this restaurant “Phnomenal” for the freshness of the ingredients, variety on offer and amazing taste.

The Vegetarian Menu


Set in a beautiful garden courtyard, peaceful and pleasant, with an indoor seating area too.

Outdoor garden

Outdoor garden

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Cambodia Cooking Class


Cambodian cuisine is not as well known in Australia as its neighbouring cuisines, Thai and Vietnamese, but is well worth getting to know for its tasty combination of flavours, fresh ingredients, and nutritional power.

One of the best experiences to have while visiting Cambodia is to take part in a cooking class which not only teaches you about local ingredients, but also teaches techniques and ingredient combinations for maximum flavour punch.

Here I share two recipes that I learnt in Phnom Penh at Frizz restaurant’s Cambodia Cooking Class, a fantastic experience that begins with a visit to the local bustling market and moves on to an airy rooftop location for some interactive cooking,  and one of the best meals you will have during your visit.

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One Country, One Cause program – India announced!

Agra_Taj Mahal

See the breathtaking sights of Northern India and make a difference when you join this incredible 12 day Small Group Guided Tour.

Mumbai_ATMA 1  Indian Cuisine

  • The incomparable Taj Mahal
  • The markets of Old Jaipur
  • The colours of rural Rajasthan
  • Lovely B&B’s and historic haveli hotels
  • A 3-day program of participation with Education NGO, Atma, in Mumbai

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Lion petting, volunteering with lions and the Canned Hunting industry

Since starting Better World Travel, I have had the honour of connecting with a number of experts and change-makers in areas that travel and tourism affects directly. This has helped me enormously to build up a base of knowledge that will help in my quest to provide travel experiences that are genuinely ethical and authentic.

One of the first contacts I made was with Donalea Patman from For the Love of Wildlife, who alerted me to the dangers of lion cub petting and lion walking, and the canned hunting industry.

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