Animal Welfare Policy

While a number of travel enterprises openly profess to responsible travel policies that benefit communities and the environment, we believe that the issue of Animal Welfare and tourism has not adequately been addressed.

Better World Travel was formed to provide meaningful, ethical and responsible travel options to people who care deeply about the world. As such, it is our mission to research and share information about ways of travelling that has the least possible negative impact on people, communities, animals and the environment. Furthermore, we get really excited about travel that actually supports people, communities, animals and the environment, and makes life better for all.

One major part of our pledge is to protect animals, particularly wildlife. For this reason, we take an active role in eliminating unethical animal tourism activities such as elephant riding, lion cub petting, lion walking, tiger selfies, sealife shows, circuses with animals, ostrich riding, and other activities offered to tourists for profit that take wildlife out of the wild and are harmful. We believe that any tourist activity with wildlife that involves direct animal interaction is problematic and should be avoided.

We do this by educating our travellers about unethical practices in their destinations, and by designing trips that avoid these activities. In fact, when designing itineraries, we go so far as we possibly can to not to have our travellers patronise any business that offers unethical animal interaction to tourists, even when this activity is not included on the itinerary, but just occurs at the establishment.

Despite these restrictions, there are still many ways you can interact meaningfully with wildlife, and it is also Better World Travel’s job to suggest alternatives to you for your trip.

We believe that by creating demand for activities that do not involve unethical treatment of animals, the market will shift to offer, promote and create more ethical travel choices. We believe you can make a very real difference by choosing ethical activities, which in hand show the industry that the demand for unethical practices is rapidly decreasing.

We respect that when a person is on holiday, they may be presented with opportunities to engage in unethical practices, without even realising it. For this reason, we do the research for you, and aim to steer you clear of any such experiences. We also recommend suppliers and local operators who respect the same values in regards to this. In short, we make it easier for you to make the right choices.

The world of tourism is complicated when it comes to ethics. As a Better World Traveller, we know you want to enrich your own life and the lives you touch when you travel. Let us guide you in the right direction.



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